The Hive decided to concentrate on natural products which were already in keep with our school curriculum especially as regards the "Farming section". In this case with the coordinating effort of Ms Maria Gabriella Bernabei, the students were able to single out HONEY, SAFFRON and SEEDS. At the same time another good group of students concentrated on making natural vegetable SOAP which was going on for some time at the school as a practical experiment in Mr Luigi Cenerelli's chemistry classes. Mr Luigi Mainolfi teacher of economics has been fundamental in outlining the spirit of the project to the younger economy students making them aware of the great impact it could have on their future professional careers. Ms Emanuela Agasisti and Ms Edi Spoglianti were also important in helping general project coordinator Mr Paolo Badiali bring home the basic tenets of the project and encourage the students to get involved in the activities. The roll-up banner here below gives a more comprehensive view of all the 4 products chosen by our branch of the Green Teen Entrepreneurs.